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Ad Hoc Committee
Administrative and Legislative
ADRC-CW - Aging Disability Resource Center-Central WI
Board of Canvass - Notice of verification of votes
Board of Health
Civil Service Commission
Community Care Connections of WI - Community Care Connenctions of Wisconsin
County Board - The full County Board of Supervisors
Emergency Management
Finance & Insurance
Forestry, Land & Parks
Health Insurance Trustees
HSM Feasibility Task Force - Multi-County Human Service Model Feasibility Task Force
HSM Feasibility Task Force - Human Service Model Feasibility
Land Information, Conservation & Extension Education - Land Information and Conservation is part of Land Services Committee; Extension is part of Administration and Legislative Committee - April 2014
Land Services Committee - Includes Zoning, Land Information & Conservation, and Register of Deeds Departments
Law Enforcement EMS Judicial
Local Emergency Planning
Multi-County Human Service Model Feasibility Task Force - Feasibility Task Force
Pine Crest
Planning and Zoning - Part of Land Services Committee - April 2014
Public Property
Social Services
Solid Waste
Traffic Safety
Veteran's Services
Veterans Service Commission
Wisconsin Valley Library Service - Summary
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Lincoln County Highway Department Requests for Proposals https://t.co/jx0eg5hbLt
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