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Healthy People Lincoln County Partnership Committee
Overarching Priority: Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity
Health Priority: Mental Health and Substance Abuse
Health Priority: Nutrition and Healthy Foods
Health Priority: Oral Health
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Healthy People Lincoln County
Overarching Priority: Social Determinants of Health and Health EquityDepartments Home
Did you know?

Social Determinants of Health are life-enhancing resources, such as food supply, housing, economic and social relationships, transportation, education, and health care, whose distribution across populations effectively determines length and quality of life. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Health Equity is when everyone has the opportunity to "attain their full health potential" and no one is "disadvantaged from achieving this potential because of their social position or other socially determined circumstance". Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Statistics and Facts
  • 14% of teens and young adults ages 16-24 in Lincoln County are neither working nor in school, 2017. Source: County Rankings and Roadmaps
  • Only 65.6% of high school students in Lincoln County say they have an adult in their lives with whom they can discuss serious problems, 2017. Source: Lincoln County Youth Risk Behavior Survey
  • 15% of children in Lincoln County live in poverty, 2017. Source: County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
  • 13% of adults in Lincoln County reported they have fair or poor health, 2017. Source: County Health Rankings and Roadmaps
Goal: Advocate and support the development and implementation of programs and policies to reduce inequities in social determinants of health such as social, environmental, and economic conditions, as well as in health outcomes.
Suggested Objectives and Strategies:
  • Increase efforts to pursue the implementation of a "Community Navigator HUB Model" in Lincoln County
  • Assess current resources provide to Lincoln County residents through a case management approach
  • Increase education on case management hub
  • Develop a plan to create a community navigator hub
  • Secure funds to implement a case management hub including a sustainability plan
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the community navigator hub
  • Assess current eforts in enhancing youth mentorship program that addresses current gaps
  • Advocate for resources to implement a youth mentorship program
  • Promote youth mentorship programs within HPLC partnership agencies
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