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2010 U.W. Extension Annual Report - UW-Extension
2010 U.W. Extension Annual Report
2014-2015 Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program - Social Services
2017-09-25 Final Registration Fee FAQ 2017 - Highway
A Notice of Privacy Practices - Health
Combined Permit Application - Health
Coordinated Transportation Planning Meeting Flyer - Social Services
Coordinated Planning Meeting Flyer and Invitation
Equal Opportunity in Employment and Service Delivery Statement - Administration
Federal Veterans Benefits Handbook 2005 - Veteran's Services
This pamphlet describes federal benefits available to veterans and their dependents as of Jan. 1, 2005. Changes may occur during the year as a result of legislative or other requirements. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) World Wide Web pages (http://www.va.gov) are updated throughout the year to present the most current information. The VA Home page contains links to sections on compensation and pension, health care, burial benefits, home loan guarantees and other information.
FMLA Rights and Responsibilities - Administration
Lincoln County Community Health Plan 2017 - Health
Manufactured Home Application - Health
Mobile Restaurant Application - Health
Mobile Restaurant Base Agreement - Health
Mobile Retail Service Base Agreement - Health
NACo Drug Discount Program - Administration
Retail Food Application - Health
Special Events Campground Application - Health
State Veterans Benefits Handbook 2005-2007 - Veteran's Services
The State of Wisconsin has a long history of providing generous benefits, programs and services to state residents who entered "active duty" from Wisconsin and continue to reside in the state.

These benefits, programs, and services are provided by the State of Wisconsin in order to supplement and complement those provided to veterans by the federal government. These include benefits, programs, and services to assist Wisconsin veterans in enhancing their education and employment, purchasing or remodeling a home in Wisconsin, traveling to federal VA medical appointments, obtaining needed health care services not provided by federal VA health care, overcoming barriers to employment, and obtaining needed subsistence assistance in emergency situations, assistance in discharge upgrades, obtaining medals that were not issued or lost, among many others.
Tattoo and Body Piercing Application - Health
Temporary Restaurant Application - Health
UW-Extension Forms and Documents - UW-Extension
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