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2016 Farmland Preservation Plan - Land Services
Approved December 20, 2016 as Ordinance 2016-12-634 by Lincoln County Board.
2017 - 2026 Land and Water Resource Management Plan - Land Services
Approved January 17, 2017 with Resolution 2017-01-52 by Lincoln County Board.
Farmland Preservation Standards - Land Services
These standards are applicable to all Farmland Preservation Program participants. The standards specify the soil and water conservation requirements on the land subject to a Farmland Preservation agreement.
Financial Assurance Calculator - Land Services
We have provided a summary for some typical reclamation activities that may be performed at
a mine site during reclamation. The spreadsheet is based on a number of sources including
those referenced on a Wisconsin Department of Transportation Webpage. The numbers from
summary and/or the WisDOT Webpage can be used, as appropriate, to estimate the cost for
the reclamation activities included in nonmetallic mine reclamation plans or in the review of
financial assurance needs estimates.
The WisDOT estimates were obtained from bids on highways, bridges, and airports in the state
of Wisconsin.
Land Conservation Brochure - Land Services
Reclamation Plans - Land Services
For the Non-Metallic Mine Reclamation Plan Template, please click here.
To assist in creating your Reclamation Plan, we recommend using the Reclamation Plan Checklist, which is available here.
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