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Impervious Surface Regulations - Lincoln County - Land Services
A handout explaining local regulations and how to calculate impervious surface coverage.
Impervious Surfaces - DNR Handout - Land Services
An explanation of how impervious surfaces impact waterways.
Mitigation Guidebook - Land Services
An explanation of when mitigation is required and how it is applied to shoreland projects.
Non-conforming Structure in Shoreland - info sheet - Land Services
A summary of expansion opportunities for non-conforming structures in shoreland areas.
Rain Gardens - Land Services
A homeowner's guide for developing rain gardens.
Setback Averaging Information - Land Services
Inm "Shoreland" setback averaging from OHWM (ordinary high water mark) may apply.
Shoreland Restoration - A Growing Solution - Land Services

This video provides information about vegetated shoreland buffers and a step-by-step guide to restoring a shoreland buffer on your property. You may contact shoreland zoning staff for additional assistance.
Shoreland Viewing Corridor - Land Services
Shoreline & Streambank Stabilization - Land Services
Instructions and Permit
The Water's Edge - Land Services
Helping fish & wildlife on your waterfront property.
Request for Proposal - Vertical Baler https://t.co/LzSmvTn4GN
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