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Birdscaping - Land Services
Information about attracting birds to your shoreland property.
Care & Handling of Bare Root Seedlings - Land Services
Impervious Surface Regulations - Lincoln County - Land Services
A handout explaining local regulations and how to calculate impervious surface coverage.
Impervious Surfaces - DNR Handout - Land Services
An explanation of how impervious surfaces impact waterways.
Local Greenhouse & Nursery List - Land Services
Greenhouse & Nursery list
Mitigation Guidebook - Land Services
An explanation of when mitigation is required and how it is applied to shoreland projects.
Native Plant list for Lincoln County Restorations (Brief) - Land Services
Recommended native plant species for shoreland restoration in Lincoln County. For more information regarding shoreland restoration please call our office or visit our shoreland partner's website by clicking here
Native Plant list for Lincoln County Restorations (Detailed) - Land Services
More detailed plant list with descriptions and pictures.
Planting Recommendations - Land Services
Planting recommendations for successful restorations.
Rain Gardens - Land Services
A homeowner's guide for developing rain gardens.
Removing Existing Sod / Turf-grass - Land Services
Recommendations for removing existing sod / turf-grass.
Setback Averaging Information - Land Services
Inm "Shoreland" setback averaging from OHWM (ordinary high water mark) may apply.
Shoreland Restoration - A Growing Solution - Land Services

This video provides information about vegetated shoreland buffers and a step-by-step guide to restoring a shoreland buffer on your property. You may contact shoreland zoning staff for additional assistance.
Shoreline Restoration Stories - Land Services
The Water's Edge - Land Services
Helping fish & wildlife on your waterfront property.
Transplanting a Sapling - Land Services
Information on how to best transplant saplings & shrubs.
Request for Proposal - Supply Asphaltic Material https://t.co/v9oPv7FQIR
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