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Termination of Parental Rights - Register in Probate/Juvenile Court
Form Packets for Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights can be obtained from the Office of the Register in Probate/Clerk of Juvenile Court.
Tobacco Prevention and Control Program - Health
Tobacco Control and Prevention programs and services
Traffic/Ordinance Violations - Clerk of Courts
Questions about traffic or ordinance tickets.
Troops to Teachers (TTT) - Federal/State Partnership - Veteran's Services
The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program provides information, referral services and funding that assists veterans, reservists, and military personnel nearing the end of their careers pursue teaching as a second career.
Truancy Court - Register in Probate/Juvenile Court
On May 18, 1999 the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors adopted Ordinance No. 338-99 Amending the General Code of the County of Lincoln (Habitual Truancy).

The first Truancy Court appearance was on June 1, 1999 and the program has been going strong ever since.
Request for Proposal - Vertical Baler https://t.co/LzSmvTn4GN
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